Your Dad has done a lot for you, over the years. From teaching you to ride a bike and to drive a car, to helping you maneuver your career and the road of life, in general. Show him that you appreciate it.

Whether you call your Dad, "Dad," "Pops," "Daddy," or "Old Man," you have to give him credit, he raised at least one great person: You. So, you should take him out for a Fort Collins Father's Day - things that you and your Dad can do, only in The Choice City.

With this list, you'll have the whole day planned out- from breakfast through after dinner. You'll spend the day hanging out, having fun, enjoying things that you can only find in Fort Collins. Sure, every town has some 'version' of some of the items, but you'll find yourself saying, "Nobody around here has THAT aside from Fort Collins.'

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By the end of the day you'll have had some great food, seen some of the great outdoors, gotten some frustrations out, and visited a one place that you may not ever have set foot in, yet.

STARTING THINGS OFF - A Late Breakfast at Ever Open Cafe

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You just took Mom out for breakfast at The Silver Grill; Dad deserves his own breakfast place. Ever Open Cafe is perfect: Not fancy, as Dad's still kind of groggy, and it's a true Fort Collins classic.


AFTER BREAFAST - A Little Fishing at Legacy Park

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Grab your poles (and licenses) and cast a line into the Poudre as it runs through Legacy Park on Father's Day. You may not only catch some fish, but you may catch Dad reflecting on his own legacy and what a great son/daughter he has.

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AFTER FISHING - Break Some Stuff at Shatter Rage Room


Forget having a catch, help Pops relieve some of the stress of being Pops with a baseball bat, when he smashes a ton of stuff to bits. Remind him of the time you took the car without permission, that'll help.

AFTER SMASHING - An Early Steak Dinner

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RARE, the Italian restaurant at College and Mountain, has a great steak menu; including one of the priciest steaks you can get in town. Their dry-aged Bistecca Alla Fiorentina is what your Dad deserves for Father's Day, even if it does cost $87.


AFTER DINNER - Some Pool Time

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After you spring for an expensive dinner, Dad will insist on picking up the tab when you play some pool and grab a couple of beers at Match Ups. Normally, I would suggest Coopersmith's Poolside, but it's closed on all Sundays. Match-Ups has been around for years; it's possible that you Dad took your Mom here on a date. Challenge the "Old Man" to some 9-ball.


However you spend your day in Fort Collins with Dad, have fun and give him a big hug.


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