If 2017 becomes nothing else, we already know it is a year that loves music lovers.  The concert lineup in Colorado makes 2016 look like a weird sci-fi movie no one wants to be a part of.

Was that a little extreme?

Either way, the list of new releases from bands we haven't heard from in way too long is astounding.  Nine Inch Nails, Beck, Arcade Fire, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Queens of the Stone Age, Snow Patrol, and Portugal. The Man. have all promised release dates & more info to come soon.

Now, add to that list:

2nd Annual Design For Humanity Event By Billabong USA
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I had this idea after hearing their first couple radio hits, but when I saw them live in 2013, I was hooked on this "group," who makes psychedelia sound electronic, sexy, and suspenseful.

I put the word 'group' in quotes, because the band is just Andrew & Ben, although they have a very solid group of backers for when they're on tour.  They fill in any blank space with percussion, harmonica, keys, lead guitar, & backing vocals for an absolutely stunning concert experience.

And more is to come.  According to NME, MGMT have confirmed they have finished their new album.  Stay tuned for details!

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