Evanescence had a thoughtful response Sunday (Dec. 1) after audience members set fire to their equipment in Mexico. The previous day (Nov. 30), organizers curtailed Mexico City's Knotfest Meets Forcefest due to safety concerns involving a broken barricade. When the decision caused both the Amy Lee-led act and Slipknot to cancel their performances, some attendees began to riot, instigating the blaze as they stormed the stage.

Evanescence drummer Will Hunt issued a separate response, which starts by mirroring the even tone of the group's joint statement. However, it soon veers into taunting and name-calling as the musician deems the rioters "fuckin' weak ass" amateurs who he lambasts for not fully incinerating his drum kit. "Do you even riot bruh?" Hunt asks at one point. "Burn the whole fuckin' thing down!" See the rest of his message toward the bottom of this post.

The screed emerged on the drummer's Instagram account the same day Evanescence released their group statement about the cancellation and subsequent riot. While Hunt claims "a small group of morons" will not change his "love for the Mexican people," he repeatedly calls the Knotfest Mexico rioters "weak and stupid." He also criticizes an otherwise "kind" stagehand for not fully extinguishing the fire before attempting to remove the debris.

"If you're gonna torch my beautiful … kit that meant the world to me," Hunt continues to the rioters, "at least cook some meat or marshmallows over the fire!" Elsewhere in the riposte, the musician conveys to the instigators that their "fucking riot" was, in all caps, "WEAK AND STUPID JUST LIKE YOU FUCKING MORONS."

On the day of the two groups' canceled Knotfest Mexico appearances, Slipknot shared a statement on the festival's website that explained that because of the "broken barricade and failed attempts to fix it, Slipknot were forced to cancel our performance last night. Safety — especially the safety of our fans and fellow bands — is priority number one." The band that created the now annual, multi-location music and art event additionally expressed their hopes "to get back to Mexico sometime in the future."


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