This wasn't my first FoCoMX rodeo, but it was my first time as an emcee, alongside our morning show hostess, Mollie Kendrick. We learned eight things which is crazy because it was the eighth FoCoMX. Coincidence? Maybe...

1. This is first because it is most important: Don't put your FoCoMX wristband on too tightly.

Once it's on... it's staying there until you cut it off. The feeling in my right hand is almost back now.

2. It's the same weekend as #Coachella but it is not #Coachella so dress accordingly.

I get it, crochet crop tops that look like Grandma's potholders are fun on Instagram but I was like hot and cold all weekend long and went from 'so glad there is deodorant in my bag' to 'Is this a dust storm?' to wrapped in a wool coat by the end of Saturday night. Because... Colorado.

3. There is a mystery toilet at the Aggie.

OK, like not to be gross but wtf is up with the toilet in the middle stall in the ladies' room? You think, 'Oh this is an automatic one there is a sensor somewhere I just can't see it.' But then you're like, 'No... no that isn't it. Maybe the handle is just broken off. No, there is no sign of one ever existing. Am I on a Japanese prank show? Is this toilet real or is it for decoration? Forget this I'm holding it.'

Scott Gries/Getty Images
Scott Gries/Getty Images

4. Speaking of bathrooms, your shoes are gonna get sticky...

(OK, I know someone has to clean the venues' floors at the end of every night, and you, sir or mam, are unsung heroes because CBGB called, and they want their sticky floors back.Too soon?)

5. FoCoMX is run completely by volunteers...

...people who are just so super excited about this festival, and they work their (probably cyclist) butts off to make it happen every year so high fives all around to them.

6. FoCoMX is a place for love connections to happen, as I experienced on Friday.

7. You're not allowed to sleep in the Aggie, in case you were wondering.

I know you're probably like, 'Uh, why were you anyway?' I had worked two very long days, gotten little sleep in between and the music was relaxing so I thought, hey, why not just close my eyes for a quick second? Nope. They'll think you're white girl wasted. They did offer me a Red Bull though, and that was nice.

Hey, it's just me, the sober, but very tired emcee being unprofessional -- you caught me! 

8. The people of Fort Collins really fancy themselves some FoCoMX.

The turnout was awesome each night. How cool is it that our hometown does this? 'People can't get enough of local music. The attendees were very passionate about everyone that played.' -Mollie

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