So, Halloween has come and gone for anther year...

You went and bought all this candy-- and it was fun handing it out to the kiddies and co-workers...

BUT- you still have a lot left!

Sure you could sit around eat it for the next 6 months or so- until you gain 10 pounds and a couple of cavities...

You might just toss it in the garbage after a while....

OR-- INSTEAD-- -you could donate your candy to our troops- and maybe get some cash too!

To donate your Halloween candy.

Does that sound weird?

It's a great program setup by Operation Gratitude- they get dentists to collect candy to send as part of care packages to troops serving overseas!

The dentists perhaps give YOU a toothbrush, a certificate, or maybe even cash by the pound- in exchange for your leftover sweets!


Where can you donate Halloween candy?

Here are a couple of places locally---

Front Range Dental

2720 Council Tree Ave Suite 260 - Fort Collins

They are taking candy this week for $1 per pound!  Until 5pm Tuesday, 8a-3pm on Wednesday and 1p-5pm on Thursday.

Goings Orthodontics

4733 S. Timberline Rd.  Suite 101 Fort Collins

They are taking candy until November 15th -- on November 3rd between 5pm and 6:30p though, you can get $20 off treatment in exchange!