It might only be August, but in the eyes of the world's #1 Halloween costume store, there has never been a better time to start shopping for the spookiest day of the year than... summer.

The countdown is officially on - there are only 75 days that stand between us and October 31st (maybe even less by the time you're reading this).

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It might be due to the fact that time flies, or maybe it's because some people are just itching to dress up - whatever the reason, the largest Halloween retailer in the country is getting ready to kick off Halloween 2022, yes, in August. 

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Spirit Halloween To Open 28 Stores Across Colorado

Halloween is kicking off *just a little* ahead of the actual holiday here in Colorado, as Spirit Halloween gears up to open its first stores of the season.

According to 9News, eleven Colorado Spirit stores have already opened over two months ahead of Halloween - on Tuesday, Aug. 16.

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For all my last-minute shoppers out there, this PSA is especially for you - there's no excuse now!

Spirit Halloween Locations In Northern Colorado

Ready to commence the search for your dream Halloween costume? Look no further.

Check out all the Spirit Halloween locations in Northern Colorado below, some of which are already open.

Fort Collins 

  • 4336 South College Avenue (Former Pier 1), opens Tuesday, Aug. 16


  • 4759 W 29th St (Former Office Max), opens Tuesday, Aug. 16
  • 2000 Greeley Mall (Former Gym), opens Tuesday, Aug. 16


  • 1665 Rocky Mountain Ave (Near Sportsmans Warehouse), coming soon (no opening date specified)

Spirit Halloween Locations Across Colorado   

Not in Northern Colorado? Check out some of the additional Spirit Halloween locations across the state & in other surrounding areas by visiting Spirit Halloween's store locator. 

As per Spirit Haloween's official website, each and every location the holiday mega-retailer selects for a seasonal lease (which typically begins sometime in August and runs through mid-November) features:

  • 5,000-50,000 square feet.
  • Population of 35,000 or more that live within 3-5 miles.
  • 25,000 or more vehicles driving by daily.

For more information, visit

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