Morgan County Sheriff’s office has figured out who the guy was who stole a semi truck on Saturday night.  29-year-old Christopher Luedke led police on a chase through several counties and left five people injured, including an officer.  Luedke is facing numerous charges for ramming vehicles, but also for attempted murder.  The chase started near Sterling, and soon moved onto I-76, at one point exiting to a Love’s Truck Stop and nearly hitting a pedestrian.  It ended in Brush, Colorado, when Luedke jumped from the semi as it was moving and ran into a nearby house, where he was taken into custody.   The truck smashed into two parked cars that were in a yard.


See pictures of some of the damage and get details on the path Luedke took, here.

So insane, could you imagine being in one of the quietest places on planet earth where nothing ever happens, then all in a sudden, that.  Crazy.

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