Regardless of how or why they are homeless  - These people need help from those who have something to offer.  That's why I think this is a fantastic idea.  Come on, anyone who has paid rent or a mortgage in Colorado or Wyoming the past five years, while seeing wages stay stagnant, knows how easy it could be for someone to become homeless.

This will become a community, which 9 News says will be located at 38th and Walnut Streets in Denver.  The initial project will include 11 tiny homes for 14 homeless individuals.  They will share a community kitchen and restroom facility.  But, they'll also be responsible for governing the area.

If you care to help the homeless, whether in Denver or right outside your door, here is a very simple way I have learned you can do that:

  • Routinely make small care packages from them.  It doesn't need to be anything expensive or extravagant.  My wife and girls take small paper bags, and the girls love to color pictures and heartwarming messages on them.  They put in some bottled water and a couple of granola bars.  That's it.  But, sometimes during the colder months, we will add in some socks, gloves, or even a blanket we don't need.  You can get all those things at thrift stores or dollar stores.  You might be surprised at how much this means to someone who feels discarded by the world.
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