I could be completely mistaken, but I'm thinking Paqui Chips won't be taking over the snack food market anytime soon.  Because there are commercials where a chip is the answer to every problem in your life:

Then, there's Denver News Channel 2's Natalie Tysdal, who just did the OPPOSITE of that, trying some Paqui Chips, which are made with Carolina Reaper peppers, and then throwing up on-camera:

In all actuality, the chips probably aren't 'gross' or technically 'horrible' - as long as you like spicy.  They're advertised as simply being "made from the world's hottest pepper."

They wouldn't be for me.  I am a chips-and-salsa dude through-&-through... but a Northern Colorado chips-and-salsa dude.  But don't worry:  I promise not to ralph on the air.  So far as other bodily noises, however:  They're just a part of the show.

Neither my broadcast nor Natalie's will ever compare to thee most epic puke-fest ever:

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