The Denver International Airport is famous for conspiracy theories, trains, ugly architecture (Buildworld said it, not us), and more.

If you've been to DIA, you're probably familiar with all of those things, but one airport visitor has a new take on the train situation — and it's hilarious.

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A local artist known as @dango_music took to Instagram to share his impression of a train ride at DIA. From the Alan Roach voice to the random guitar music, it's pretty spot-on.

The end of the clip shows @dango_music falling over as the train speeds off. DIA reshared the video on its Instagram account, joking: "When we say hold on, we mean it."

The post inspired others to chime in with their own DIA train experiences (apparently, riding it is a good way to determine who's a Colorado native):

You can tell who's local by who gets into a wide stance as the doors close.

5 days a week I watch people run to that train as if it's the last one ever.

Yo lollygaggers, the DEN train got places to be.

That train is no joke.

According to the airport, the actual name of the train is the Automated Guideway Transit System or AGTS. It can get passengers from the terminal to the C gates in under 10 minutes, so it is moving fast for a reason.

Aside from train videos, DIA is also focusing on a new art project. The airport is looking for old luggage to be in an installation that will debut in Concourse B in 2025.

Learn more about the fun surrounding DIA in the gallery below.

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