There's no question that Denver International Airport has had its share of problems, but for it to make this Top 10 of Ugly, seems uncalled for.

I'm sure they're not trying to intentionally be mean, but this website sure makes an airport feel bad; especially when it doesn't even concern that creepy horse that's out front. Is there just a general consensus that Colorado's major airport is just plain ugly?


Denver International Airport opened in February of 1995, after coming in $2 billion over budget and employing over 11,000 people in its construction. Of course many remember that horrendous automatic baggage system that they tried implementing; that thing was "ugly," for sure.

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After more than 25 years in operation, DIA has made it onto all sorts of lists, including ones about "busy" airports and ones about "artistic" airports. There's a new list out, from a provider of construction supplies, Buildworld, about the "ugliest" buildings in the U.S., and dang it, if DIA didn't make it into the Top 10. DIA ends up right smack in the middle of that list for America.


Buildworld compiled a "long" list of buildings in the world that are said to be "ugly." They then filtered out only the "design-themed" tweets about those buildings. They then used a program to to determine what percentage of those tweets were negative, to come up with their "Top 10 Eyesore Buildings" lists for the world, the U.K. and America.

"Top 10 Eyesore Buildings in the U.S."

  • #5 - Denver International Airport - 18.33% negative comments.

Even within the whole world, DIA still stays on the list:

  • #9 - Denver International Airport - 18.33% negative comments.

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