If you happen to have to sign any documents at all in the year 2020, you are probably better off signing them a little different this year.

Last year when you signed something with your signature, you more than likely dated the signature like this "01/02/19".


When dating your documents this year, take the extra precaution and do not date them like this "01/02/20" instead, use the full year 2020.

Since the East Millinocket Police Department put out the notice on Facebook, the message has taken social media by storm.

The reason behind the full 2020 date when signing documents is because it could be possible to modify the date to essentially fit the needs of the last 19 years to anyone.

Take that extra precaution and add those two extra numbers when signing this year. You know that saying "Better safe than sorry"? I think this one suggestion applies perfectly.

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