• The areas with the fewest D.U.I.'s or D.W.A.I.'s (driving while ability impaired) in Colorado this year are Pueblo, Denver, and Boulder.  Do you find that surprising?  Denver Westword's website points out that statistically, the areas with the most marijuana dispensaries tend to report the fewest arrests for drinking and driving.
  • Who's cruisin' crocked the most, then?  That would be our fun-loving friends in Clear Creek, Eagle, Lake, and Summit Counties (collectively referred to as "Judicial District 5.")  With a population of just over 100,000 and 884 filings this year, they top the list with a 9 arrests per 1000 people.
  • Here's how Larimer and Jackson counties (Jackson being to Larimer's west, with a population of less than 1500,) which makes up Judicial District 8, pans out on the list:  10th most D.U.I. arrests out of 22 on the list, tied with an area along Colorado's eastern border that includes Baca, Cheyenne, Kiowa, and Prowers counties.  For Larimer/Jackson, that means 1419 arrests in a 334,184 population, or 4.2 out of every 1000 citizens.
  • Weld County is its own "district," and is a little better behaved than Larimer this way, coming in at #14, meaning 3.8 D.U.I or D.W.A.I's out of 1000 people.

As the signs over I-25 tell us, if you see someone driving drunk - or just as bad - texting, call *CSP to report them and make our roadways safer.  And hopefully I don't need to remind you that law enforcement will be extra thick each and every holiday and weekend that surrounds it.

There's always that moment when you aren't sure whether you're too drunk to drive, and for that, CDOT has rolled out its "R-U-Buzzed" smartphone app.  Now, tell me that wouldn't be fun to experiment with when you're kickin' 'em back with your friends!

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