One of the main arguments for Hughes Stadium and against an on-campus stadium at Colorado State was the issue of parking. Hughes was conveniently surrounded by a massive field that made for easy and plentiful parking, not to mention prime tailgating space.

With the addition of Canvas Stadium, the concern for parking availability was at the forefront of everyone's mind. As a solution, since the debut of the stadium in 2017, students who live on-campus and have their cars with them have needed to relocate to certain lots to free up parking spaces.

Is this fair? Is it an inconvenience? Or, is it something that shouldn't be that big of a deal because it only happens a handful of nights out of the year? How do you feel about students having to move their cars to provide parking for football games? Vote in the poll at the bottom of this article and let us know!

All that being said, for the students who do have their cars on campus this year, CSU Football kicks off the season tomorrow night, Sept. 3 at 7 p.m. Parking relocation starts today (Sept. 2) from 4-9 p.m.

Here is the updated map from CSU to help students find out if they need to repark. And if so, where they need to go.

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