I remember sitting in class the week before spring break and hearing the teacher say we may or may not come back to school and be in person. The next day, we were told the week after spring break would be online, and then they would decide from there.

It wasn't long into that second week that we were informed we would finish out the semester online.

When the pandemic hit, that was a switch almost every school in the country made. So the question became this: when we were able to return to in-person classes, how many people really would?

Well, it turns out that CSU and the CSU University system have done pretty well in terms of enrollment numbers staying high and steady, even after the start of the pandemic.

Although classes remained primarily online through spring of 2021 for Colorado State University, the CSU System made it their goal to have as much in-person learning they could come the 2021-22 school year.

Even with new COVID protocols and the newfound option of fully online schooling, CSU welcomed its third-largest entering class ever, enrolling 5,177 students, according to the release from the CSU System.

Colorado State University even saw a huge uptick in online enrollment, its highest number ever.

Not only were new student numbers up a surprising and encouraging amount, but a huge question was also how many students would return after the frustrating year of dorm quarantines and practically teaching yourself your own college courses.

Well, according to the release, 85.7% of students came back for their sophomore year this year, even after the freshman year they had. Which, let's be honest, felt nothing like a college experience in the slightest.

So, despite the challenges we've seen globally over the last year and a half, education continued to come first for CSU, and it's clearly paid off.

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