Thinking of getting married, soon? Well, you may want to take "Frontier Flight" off your list of venues for a while, as that's been taken. You can bet that this couple won't be forgetting getting married in the sky.

Why bother with inviting friends and family to your wedding, when you can just surprise a bunch of strangers on a flight? One quick answer: "It was free, Baby!"

Frontier Airlines

This couple, Erin Bright and Jeff Wareing, who live in Denver, submitted a :60 video that summarized their love and why they should win this contest. It must have been a very good video, because it got the most votes and voila, they got married at 30,000 feet up in the sky. With any luck, they had at least one friend/relative that was also on that flight to Las Vegas.

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Nearly everybody on the flight, on November 19, 2022, was in the dark as to what was happening. Once the plane was at cruising attitude, on it's way to "Sin City,"  the couple approached the front of the plane as the ceremony began. There must have been music, right? The officiant was a Frontier pilot (not that flight's pilot) who offered her services as part of the prize.

Frontier Airlnes

The prize, which included round-trip tickets for two to Vegas, also included a luxurious honeymoon there, as well. My "ballpark" guestimate? Total prize value: $4,000.


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