It's arguably the biggest TV show to come along in years, "Yellowstone." Not many Americans can know the life of a ranch owner, or ranch hand, or cowboy, but you can sure give a shot.

Win this contest, and you'll be living the "good life" for a while in Montana with three of your friends, at a big ranch with all the amenities (including free Coors Banquet.) John Dutton would probably not be found of this contest, but he doesn't always get what he wants, right?

Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner wasn't even terribly excited to jump on board to the "Yellowstone" project, at first, but I think fans of the show are sure glad he did. That gravelly voice, that great cast, that scenery; the show will go down as one of the best.


A trip to Montana is something everyone should do, especially when it comes to Glacier National Park. That what makes this particular contest that Coors is having so appealing. You'll be staying at actual working ranch, like on "Yellowstone," in Whitefish, Montana.

It's the Big Mountain Ranch, and they don't even seem to have a website; it's that rustic. They do hold an annual event there, Under the Big Sky.

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All-expenses paid to get you and your three guests there and back, while enjoying horseback riding, roping, big meals on the ranch and plenty of the Banquet beer while you're there. You won't be getting branded, you can count on that, but you will get gear to take home. Get signed up, before John Dutton gets all grumpy and shuts it all down, his way.

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