Even though we are still pushing 90 degree days here in Northern Colorado and will be in that neighborhood for the foreseeable future, all things fall and pumpkin flavored are starting to pop up around the area.

Ziggi's Coffee, based right here in Colorado has jumped on the the "Fall Train" and has released it's fall menu which features various beverages and treats to devour.


One of the most anticipated pumpkin flavored drinks is the Spicy Pumpkin Chai which according to Ziggi's Vice President of Operations Dani Wanner is pretty awesome--

"We are excited for our customers to try our Spicy Pumpkin Chai," said Dani Wanner, Ziggi’s VP of Operations.

"This beverage was specially crafted to bring out the unique spices in our Spicy Chai when paired with our creamy pumpkin flavor. Fall is all about feeling warm, cozy and comforted, and here at Ziggi’s, you can feel that with every product in our fall lineup."


Whether you get them cold or hot, the pumpkin beverages seem to be a hit no matter where you are and they seem to be popping up earlier and earlier every year. My prediction, they will be full time menu items in many locations in the next couple of years but that's just me.

In addition to the drinks, the fall food menu at Ziggi's might even be more exciting. The pumpkin bread, the cinnamon roll pop and the thing that I'm most fired up for, the chocolate chip pumpkin bread, There's also a gluten free option as well.

So while we won't need to be breaking out those hoodies and cozy fall sweaters out quite yet, you'll be able to enjoy some flavors of fall at Ziggi's.


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