Colorado is full of amazing creatures, and thanks to conservationists, we can get an inside look at these magnificent animals in their natural habitats.

David Neils, a Loveland resident, avid conservationist and founder of Wild Nature Media, recently caught incredible footage of a mountain lion in its natural habitat.

With the posting of his video to Facebook, Nelis mentioned that:

It's important to note that many of the wildlife films that include mountain lions are using tame, habituated, overweight lions that live in fenced enclosures and eat feedlot meat.

Over his years of photographing wildlife in Colorado, Nelis has made it his goal to "share the real deal, completely WILD wildlife exhibiting wild behavior in wild places".

An unofficial wildlife expert who uses his photography and filmography for his own education as well as others, Nelis, has used his work to focus on wildlife conservation, education and research, according to his website.

Source: David Neils

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