File under: Things I wouldn't even Google, but other people in my state are shopping for online. What do Donald Trump two-ply toilet paper and Borat's 'mankini' have in common? Well, by now you could guess.

Yes, according to Estately, which made a map of each state's most popular online purchase searches, many Coloradans frequently try to order up Trump TP, neon green 'mankinis' and handerpants.

Handerpants are underpants for your hands, in case you didn't know, because I did not. Why that is a thing, I still do not know.

The mankini I also don't understand, not just because it's essentially just one stretched out bikini bottom that shows more to the world than the world is ready to see -- but because Borat came out like ten years ago now, so why is it relevant to still be buying those online, Colorado?

You can see the full map of the U.S. here from Distractify. Distractify you, it will.

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