Cat videos, epic fails, XXX websites and... fitness models? They all have one thing in common: They're online guilty pleasures. Find out which one is Colorado's.


Well, I would certainly say that it could be worse -- Mississippi? (That was 2015, move on already...)

Anyway. Sure, you can clear your browser history, but someone is still always watching. In this case, They did some research about what you search -- but probably don't tell anyone about.

For example, this study showed that sugar-daddy/mama sites were really popular in 'retiree-friendly states' like Florida. Oh, boy. 

Also, the study says, 'States with the most singles prefer online dating, but states with the smallest dating pool fill their time with something entirely different and oddly comforting—read on to learn what keeps our most lonely singles busy on a Friday night!' Oh, boy again. - Click to see full map.

Well, we may not be doing so badly here in Colorado. We get our kicks from watching people fall, face plant and *face palm*.

Colorado loves FAIL videos. So, here you go:

Oh, and here's one for our friends up in Wyoming: 

Don't think we'd forget about our neighbors to the east, Kansas.


Actually just kidding. We can't post a video for you, dirty Kansas!

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