One of the easiest gifts to give for Valentine's Day is candy: it's cheap, it's sweet, and it would be even better presented with some red roses and a Starbucks gift card (no excuses, guys, I'm giving away these ideas for free). 

When it comes to candy, though, people can get pretty picky, and you don't want to get caught giving away candy corn when you should have been giving chocolate (By the way, hot tip, most Americans prefer chocolate).

Obviously, overall, get the sweet treat that reminds you of your sweetheart the most. If you're lost, though, getting Colorado's general favorite isn't such a bad second option.

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So what do we prefer over everything else? used Google Trends to see which candies us Coloradans are searching for the most, and it turns out, all we want are M&Ms. Most likely, those are the pink and white ones. Personally, I want the ones you can print my face on.

According to Zippia, M&Ms came in as the second most popular candy in the nation for Valentine's Day, right behind chocolate covered strawberries...which isn't candy, it's a fruit....but okay. 

What are you giving for Valentine's Day? Let us know in the comments.

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