DOG BLOG: The Mayor of Georgetown (the one with four legs, that is) is putting some humans in the doghouse. 

Mayor Parker the Snow Dog has now been in office for about a month. During these stressful times, the 'unofficial' mayor of the small mountain ski town (an area that has been hit hard by COVID-19) shared a video on his Instagram, showing a car-lined road... while people are supposed to #stayhome.

According to CBS4 in Denver, the road is U.S. 6 near Loveland Ski Area, which is closed.

'Now, officials are closing uphill access,' CBS4 reported. 'Additionally, they will lock up parking lots and security staff will be monitoring the area.'

'Come on folks,' the post reads. 'Let’s be smart. This is not social distancing. There are so many snowshoe and cross country trails that aren’t even being used. If you’re not experienced in the backcountry, you have no business being out there. If you are going to get fresh air and exercise, spread out and be safe. 🐶❤️😢 '

Some, however, don't necessarily agree with Mayor Snow Dog, posting in the comments that being outdoors is 'safer than grocery shopping,' and that people enjoying the snow aren't in close enough contact to spread COVID-19.

Regardless, maybe just stick to walking in the neighborhood for now?

As of right now, Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson Counties have stay-at-home orders in place. 

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