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Sometimes you just need a good sandwich, am I right? I know we live in a beautiful melting pot of a nation with so many incredible dishes, but a humble sandwich just hits the spot at times. It's also because we live in such a diverse nation that we get creative, think-outside-the-box sandwiches too. With all of these choices, it would be difficult to pick the best one in our state.

And yet Food & Wine has done just that.

The publication just recently released The Best Sandwich in Every State list. Can you imagine having this as an assignment? To have your boss tell you that you need to travel the nation and taste all of these sandwiches? OK, that may not be how it happens, but it's nice to think that is a real job. I mean, I'd do it.

The list was compiled with one simple idea in mind... identify "the icons and the legends." These may not be the most expensive sandwiches nor the ones that land on the cover of a magazine with all of their super fancy ingredients. These are the sandwiches that have stood the test of time and hold a special place in our hearts.

In Colorado, that's the sausage sandwich at Carmine Lonardo's Specialty Meats & Deli.

The sausage sandwich is simple. It's made with sausage, provolone cheese and peppers. The secret, I believe, is the marinara sauce. Anytime you can get a sandwich with marinara on it, it's something special.

Located in Lakewood, Carmine Lonardo's is owned by an Italian immigrant of the same name. He started as a meatpacker in Denver before opening his own business. After browsing their photos on social media, I would say that you will get delicious food no matter what you order off of the menu.

Have you been here before or eaten this sandwich?

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