I may seem cliche here, but I think O'Dell Brewery is the best, because they have literally put out like one beer ever that I almost spit back out when I tasted it.  (Loose Leaf.)  Hook me up with 5-Barrel, 90 Schilling, Mercenary, Cutthroat, or Lugene, and I'll be all smiles.

And New Belgium holds a special place in my heart, because I can remember when you pretty much had to live in the Fort Collins area to get this thing called microbrew - and your choices were Fat Tire, which I didn't acquire a taste for for years, and Sunshine Wheat, which I wanted to take intravenously.  And I'm pretty sure you could only buy them in bombers.

Black Bottle Brewery is at the top of my list as well.  Anywhere you can sometimes get your growler filled with delicious beer for $6 is my friend.  And I don't mind getting a plate of oysters with garlic bread for less than $10.  (I'm sure everyone around me begs to differ.)

Equinox Brewery is fun, as it's kind of hidden, it's kid friendly, and we like to bike there.

I also really enjoy just about everything out of Avery Brewing from Boulder.

Thrillist tells us there's another brewery, and not one in Fort Collins - nor in Denver or even Boulder - that Coloradoans are absolutely enamored with:  Breckenridge Brewery.  Could be the beers I've chosen, but I've never been terribly impressed with Breck beer, so I'm curious what one from them you like the best.

Click the map image if you're curious about other states' favorite breweries.  I just think it's fun that every state HAS enough breweries to pick a favorite!  I'm thinking that wasn't always the case.


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