A woman in Denver brought a cup of urine to a 7-Eleven to warm it up - which apparently she did.  Minutes later the clerk there was telling police she heard a loud 'bang' coming from the microwave.

At that point, Angelique Sanchez looked at the microwave and walked out the door.  The clerk let her know the police would be called if she didn't come back in and clean it up, at which point she went in and wiped the urine out onto the floor.  The clerk says the odor in the store was unmistakable.

Sanchez later told the cops she didn't understand what the problem was, as she cleaned up her mess.  When an officer told her "You put urine where people prepare their food," her response was "It wasn't even real urine."

She was about to get a urinalysis for a job, and the 7-Eleven was conveniently located near the testing center.  Comilla Sasson, a medical expert with 9 News, says that chances are, Sanchez would've failed the test even with someone else's pee, because if the temperature is very far above or below 98.6 degrees, it's very clear that it isn't that of the person being tested.  She also mentions that if it gets too hot, it'll bring a positive reading as well.

When I go to a convenience store, I'm glad I usually just get a donut or a fountain drink!


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