Bathrooms that are for "customers only" are terrible news when you really gotta go.  But this is an exceptionally bad way to handle the situation.

A 37-year-old woman named Katerina Devlin from Big Coppitt Key, Florida really needed to use the bathroom last Wednesday, so she tried to run into the bathrooms at a private marina.  A staff member told her those were private, and he pointed her to the public restrooms nearby.  And apparently, that was NOT good enough.  So Katerina relieved herself right there in the marina's parking lot. Then, she got in her Jeep and tried to run the guy over.

Fortunately he got out of the way, and she took off.  The cops tracked her down the next day and arrested her.  And when they did, they figured out she'd also tried to run someone over three weeks ago after another argument.

So if you're one of those heroes who likes to brag about the fact you get road rage, knock it off.  You've already been outdone.

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