Obviously. But, not before showering the kitchen with champagne. Now, the story about a Parker home trashed by wild teens is making national newsGood Morning America noted the glamorization of teen house parties in films like 2012's Project X. The reality for these kids, however, is that they now face felony charges.

Kids these days. How many times do we have to tell them -- if you're going to break the law, don't *clap* post *clap* it *clap* on *clap* SnapChat.

There are now six teens under arrest for entering a home, breaking the glass in the windows, throwing a 'rager,' and making it rain the aforementioned alcoholic beverage all over the kitchen counters and floors.

Homeowner Mike Cox says everything is pretty sticky (and there is thousands of dollars in damage).

Cox came home from dinner on Saturday night to his find his house was trashed by about 200 partying kids he doesn't know. He tells KDVR FOX 31 Denver that his home is for sale, so the teens likely thought it was vacant, which is not the case.

News outlets are comparing this party to 'something out of a movie.' That's true. In fact, we may be able to identify one of the teens as Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off at 1:04 in the video below (but, these kids weren't quite as good at getting away with things).

See the full story via KDVR FOX 31 Denver:

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