In an interview on CNN, Governor Polis made claims about how much teachers in our state were getting tested. However, after hearing the statements, Colorado's educators were quick to correct him.

The interview with Erin Burnet was Tuesday, January 26 on CNN, and Governor Polis was asked if he believes schools should reopen. Polis said,

"Our state is applying free, medical-grade masks to teachers. We are providing two tests per week to every educator, so all of these make schools one of the safer places to be during the pandemic."

Teachers were quick to speak out on social media, and many told Denver7 that they don't know what he's talking about. Maria Volker is a social studies and Spanish teacher with the Douglas County School District interviewed by Denver7 who said, "We don’t have two tests a week. I don’t know any teacher that does."

Other teachers told the news outlet that they're worried the misinformation will cause conflict with teachers, parents, and those in the school district office.

Those districts that are offering free tests to teachers— places like Boulder Valley School District— encourage it, but it's completely optional.

Teachers, including Volker, want Polis to "check the facts" before his interviews.

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