Do social distancing rules apply in a 'gentlemen's club?'  We're not sure either. Welcome to 2020, where we really just had to ask that question.

According to KDVR in Denver, clubs of this nature are seeking clarification about reopening regulations in Colorado, and how close patrons can get to dancers without violating the state's 'Safer at Home' orders. Right now, there is a rule that 'performers' in any kind of bar or restaurant must be 25 feet away from guests.

KDVR interviewed a man leaving a Denver area club who said that the 'intimate contact is business as usual.' We can go ahead and fill in the blanks on that one, though the dancers were wearing masks.

It's understandable where the confusion comes from. Is it different than an unmasked singer in a bar? It is different than a masked waiter handing you your food? Is six feet, rather than 25 feet, enough distance?

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In May, The Den, which is on the Wyoming and Colorado state line, but is mostly on the Wyoming side, was able to reopen because it can identify as a bar or restaurant (Which again poses the question: How close can you legally get?).

The Wyoming club got national attention when it hosted a 'masks on and clothes off' pandemic party as it reopened. The club is still open, and is booking bands to play outdoor shows.

KDVR said that they will update their story when they get more information, so you can check back here.

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