According to some, Colorado may have a problem with snobbiness. 

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To us, that is sort of a ridiculous claim. We’re typically really down to earth and good natured people, afterall. 

However, our state has been ranked as one of the snobbiest in the country, coming in at #10.

Do we think that’s legit? Honestly, it depends on what you define as snobby. 

However, RoadSnacks made a list that goes over what they believe is the snobbiest cities and towns in Colorado. Remember, this is RoadSnacks’ ranking.

They based their list off a couple different criteria. Along with each city needing to have a population over 5,000 people, they looked at:

  • The percentage of the population that is highly educated
  • Median income
  • Median home price

For each of these, the higher, the snobbier.

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