Do you need a PhD to know that, though? Associate Professor Christopher Bell at University of Colorado in Colorado Springs has found numerous problems with Kidz Bop music.

Kidz Bop has been around for nearly two decades now, and while it irritates those of us over the age of 10, it seems fairly harmless. It's known for 'cleaning up' contemporary music, removing the 'bad words' from popular hit songs, performed for kids, by kids, to make them G-rated.

So, what's the actual problem with that? A lot of parents would likely argue 'nothing,' but according to Bell, quite a bit. In a recent article published by Vox, Bell breaks it down.

'Kidz Bop is an abomination because it censors language but it doesn’t censor content,' he explained to Vox. 'I don’t need a sanitized version of 'Despacito' — I need 8-year-olds not to be singing 'Despacito' because that [song] is super dirty.'

He makes a few other pretty valid points about the issue of censorship and exploitation of children, which you can read in full here.

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