Colorado Parks and Wildlife just rolled out a new four-part video series focused on Mountain Lions. The series just debuted hours ago, so be among the first to see it.

According to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Youtube channel, the four videos were created to "....share information from our research on mountain lions in an informative matter that is accessible and interesting to the public."

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The four videos include:

Episode 1: Mountain Lion Biology + Historical Perspective

Episode 2: Mountain Lion Habitat + Human Expansion

Episode 3: Hunting

Episode 4: What to do if you encounter a mountain lion

The videos are fairly short, with three of the four at eight minutes or less. The fourth video, "What to do if you encounter a mountain lion" is 14 minutes in length. Given the subject matter of that video, that seems more than fair.

The production quality of the videos is excellent. Each of the four is narrated by Mark Johnson, an avid fly-fisherman and rancher. Johnson also hosts the Colorado Outdoors Podcast. In addition, he is the director of audio broadcasting for the University of Colorado and has served as the play-by-play announcer for CU’s football and men’s basketball teams since 2004.

In my case, after living in Grand Junction for close to 51 years, some of that on Little Park Road, I have only had two mountain lion encounters. Both were uneventful. That having been said, I really don't know much about the topic of Mountain Lions. These videos have proven very useful.

The four videos have a combined runtime of just half an hour. If you get the opportunity, set aside the time to check them out.

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