If anything, the COVID era introduced a lot of new ways to conduct your personal business, including some new ways we get our groceries. From shopping online and picking it up to going all the way and having it delivered, those of us who already disliked going to the grocery store pre-pandemic can revel in the newfound popularity and subsequent longevity of ordering your groceries online.

That being said, having groceries delivered is not without the occasional hiccup. Sometimes they pick out bad produce or you get a subpar cut of meat. Sometimes they accidentally drop their crack pipe in your bag.

You read that right.

An Aurora woman ordered some groceries from Walmart to be delivered to her house and upon unpacking the goods in her kitchen, made one of those discoveries you'd probably rather not make: someone's used crack pipe was amongst the grocery order.

Tesia Britt and her 3-year old daughter were taking stuff out of the bags when she noticed something odd next to the pineapple juice. She asked her husband if it was a crack pipe and confirmed, yep, sure was.

To be fair, since the original story was published, dozens of users on social media have been quick to chime in the photos appear to show a meth pipe, not a crack pipe. Six to one, half dozen the other, when it comes to whatever used drug paraphernalia shows up in your groceries. But everyone is a know it all on social media, am I right?

Regardless of what kind of pipe it was, of course, Britt immediately complained to Walmart, and has since reached out to Fox 31 Denver's "Problem Solvers" who have taken the matter further up the chain.

They confirmed that Walmart corporate launched a thorough investigation of the incident and came back with the following verdict: “We strive to provide every customer with a positive delivery experience. While uncommon, we take customer complaints like this very seriously. Upon learning of what happened, we immediately deactivated the third-party driver and encourage any customer who encounters anything unsatisfactory to reach out to customer care.”

Seems like a pretty appropriate response. Here's betting that was not the free sample Walmart intended to toss into their grocery delivery bags.

You can check out the full story and video from Fox 31 Denver here.

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