These places could be worth the road trip.

For me, Halloween is just another great holiday that involves delightful treats. I'm not that hardcore into it. However, I have friends who see this time as their moment. They go all in with decorations, candy, costumes... the whole nine yards.

It might be time for them to check out one of the best cities for Halloween.

Recently, Wallet Hub created a list of the cities that are best suited for ghouls and goblins. They looked at how many Halloween costume and supply shops were in the area, the price of a Halloween party ticket, the number of trick-or-treat spots, the weather, and more. What they found is that if you want the best in Colorado, you will have to travel.

Colorado landed three cities on their list of 100. Colorado Springs was ranked the highest at 39, Denver landed at 59, and Aurora came in at number 68. If you're serious about the ultimate Halloween celebration, one of these places might be worth checking out.

Fingers crossed the weather forecast complies...

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