We've always been told Colorado has just four sides, but we've been proven wrong by science... or geography. 

A map of Colorado that surfaced on the web has brought to our attention that our state actually has 697 sides, so uh, yeah, we were a little off. Thanks you, Fascinating Maps.

Natasa Radic/ThinkStock

Oh, and it doesn't end there. The Four Corners? Is it REALLY the meeting of four corners!? Well that's actually up for debate so it kind of depends who you askI know, your world is shattering, but read on if you can handle it. According to Big Think, the exact location where Colorado meets Utah, New Mexico and Arizona isn't exactly where the monument claims it is. BUT, according to NOAA, that is bologna. Read here: Why the Four Corners Monument is in Exactly the Right Place.

Decide for yourself, and see THE map in question here.

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