Prices in Colorado are truly starting to get ridiculous. If you’ve been living here, that has become entirely obvious.

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For one, things in Colorado are generally increasing. The costs for food, energy, and shelter have all increased over last year. Also, Colorado is typically more expensive to live in than other states.

Amongst other issues, housing truly is probably the most brutal part of living in Colorado. For example, the median home cost in Fort Collins is $559,000. You’d need to make about $126,000 a year to make that work. Quite simply, not many people make that kind of cash.

This is only going to increase going into 2030, with a projection estimating the average home cost will be $763,309 in 2030.

If you’re looking for relief at the pump, we’ve got some bad news for you; it seems like prices will only continue to rise.

Gas Prices Continue to Increase in Colorado


Even though gas prices have already been rising this year, it seems it will only get worse. 

According to the Colorado Sun, gas prices are increasing specifically because we’re heading into the summer months. Specifically, it is because the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all places with air quality ratings of “severe” to use reformulated gas.

What is Reformulated Gas?


Reformulated gas is a cleaner alternative to the regular stuff you usually get at the pump. 

The gas specifically reduces smog and toxic pollutants from a car’s exhaust. 

The EPA has created a program where states that have areas that have severe air quality concerns are forced to use it during summer months. The program has actually been around for quite some time, starting in 1995. The current iteration started in 2000. 

Are Other States Affected by the EPA’s Reformulated Gas Prices?


Yes, there are quite a few states that are in the program as well. 

Currently, there’s 17 states that are a part of the program, along with the District of Columbia. Each of these places have areas with an air quality rating of “severe”.

However, gas prices across the country continue to increase. At the moment, the price for gas has increased 19.5% over the first four months of the year.

With this being said, Colorado’s gas prices will likely increase due to the increased demand along with the use of reformulated gas.

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