This is a semi-obvious concern, really; yet, when it's actually time to get into a hot tub, are you not always in total 'fun mode,' when worrying about technicalities is the last thing you want to do?

There's something called Legionnaires’ Disease that has made more than 90 people sick and even killed one of them recently, so the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention is warning everyone about the 'potential' danger of getting into a hot tub.

It is worth mentioning that all of those folks were in the same hot tub (?!!), in Tennessee.

Still, this contamination can live bodies of warm water of any size.  The report gives the sense it's mainly man-made ones, ranging from swimming pools all the way down to humidifiers.

Even though you might smell chlorine and get the idea that you're pretty clean when you get out of a hot tub, it could be a good idea to grab a quick shower afterwards.  The biggest concern applies to anyone with a less than strong immune system.

I will still take my chances.

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