Do you let your dog lick your face? Better yet, your mouth? We've all seen other places dogs routinely place those cute little snouts, but seldom do we stop and realize the actual health risks.Because of an extreme scare, a veterinary employee in Parker has trained her dog specifically not to lick her face.  She wants everyone to know how dangerous it can be.

She picked up a bacterial infection from her dog's mouth that caused respiratory and kidney failure!  She was in a hospital for almost a month.

We're told although this is a super rare instance, you are at the most risk for it if you have had your spleen removed, liver failure, a transplant, chemo or are elderly.

I am a dog-head kisser.  I figure that's taking it far enough.  Hopefully between that and having three grade-school kids, I have a bulletproof immune system.  I'm sure we'll find out this winter!

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