A Deputy in Colorado has chosen to take a $30k separation agreement and retire way sooner than planned after it was discovered she had an OnlyFans page and was facing an internal affairs investigation.

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Colorado Deputy With OnlyFans Page Retires After Settlement.

Melissa Williams, who was a Lieutenant for the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office, has decided to retire after her side job, running an OnlyFans page, was brought to the Sheriff Offices attention last August. Lieutenant Williams had been operating her site under the name "Lexi" for about a year and a half before it was reported and became a problem. Melissa worked in law enforcement for 28 years and was with the Arapahoe Sheriff's Office for the last 11.

Ms.Williams said there was no mention of her job on the site, nor did she ever pose for any of the pictures or videos on her site wearing any parts of her uniform. She spoke with FOX 31's Problem Solvers, Rob Low, about the situation where she was truly surprised the Sheriff's Office found her page inappropriate.

“I never did because I was doing it off-duty and it was never anything criminal. This doesn’t affect the person that reported it. It doesn’t affect my work, it doesn’t affect my employees, it doesn’t affect the community.”

After co-workers found out about the page, a complaint was filed last August and the investigation began. The Arapahoe Sheriffs Office Issued the following statement on Monday:

The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation into Ms. Williams after receiving a complaint from a member of the public alleging that Ms. Williams was posing on a pornographic website and, in doing so, was bringing discredit to the Sheriff’s Office. Prior to the completion of that investigation, Ms. Williams sought to negotiate a severance and elected to resign her employment.

Ms. Williams was not fired, nor was she forced to leave the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office. Ms. Williams’ allegations appear to be nothing more than an effort to manufacture a “newsworthy” story to drive traffic to her website.

The choice was made to take a settlement of $30k and retire from the ACSO last November while continuing to run her OnlyFans page. You can see the full story from FOX31 HERE

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