The Scout Oath states that children must "help other people" and also "obey". But it seems like that even when you do that, there is still a possibility of being kicked out.

That is what one Broomfield fifth grader has found out, after he was kicked out of his Cub Scout den after he asked tough questions to a Colorado senator earlier this month.

According to Denver 7, the den had a question and answer discussion with Republican state senator Vicki Marble on October 9th where they were allowed to ask questions pertaining to anything having to do with our country and our government.

However, when the boy asked a question about something that Marble said back in 2013, that's when things turned the way that the senator didn't like. The young boy asked the question, "Why do you (inaudible) black people for poor health and poverty because of all the chicken and barbecue they eat?". Here's video of the discussion between Ames Mayfield and the Colorado state senator:

As you can see from the video, Marble denies ever saying anything like the question that the boy brought up and that everyone should get "both sides of the story".

However, here is what she said at the Colorado Economic Opportunity Poverty Reduction Task Force in 2013.

The boy also asked a question concerning gun control, and his mother told Denver7 that is the question she believes ultimately got him kicked out of the cub scouts.

Here is the video of the boy asking that question:

Ames Mayfield ended up getting kicked out of his den a few days after the discussion with the senator, even after he was praised of how good his questions were.

Denver7 did reach out to the Denver area council of the Boy Scouts this week, and the organization stated to the boys mother that it is up to the chartered organization to determine eligibility of a boy scout.

The organization is helping him to try finding another den so he can continue being a cub scout.

But what do you think? Should he have been kicked out of the cub scouts because of the questions he was asking the senator?

Senator Vicki Marble represents a portion of Weld and Larimer Counties, as well as all of Broomfield County. If you'd like to give her your opinion on this, you can contact her office at 303-866-4876 or by emailing her here.

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