Colorado sports fans are some of the most passionate in the entire country.

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When it comes to supporting our professional sports teams, we are usually pretty ride or die. 

Of course, the pride and joy of the Colorado sports fan is the Denver Broncos. Even though we’re in an admittedly brutal era of the team, you’ll never see a Broncos fan (me) give up on the team. Next year’s going to be the year for sure.

Right now, Coloradans can take a lot of pride in the Nuggets and Avalanche, who have each won a championship in the best two years. 

Of course, the places these teams play are iconic. Mile High is an institution known around the country, and people here love Ball Arena, which will always be Pepsi Center for the real ones. 

However, this leaves one team: The Rockies.

They feel like they get left out of the conversation a lot. Of course, they’re not good, but since the Broncos last made the playoffs, the Rocks have made the playoffs twice. 

With all this being said, you can watch this brutal team in an absolute chapel of baseball; Coors Field. 

Coors Field is One of the Highest Rated Sports Stadiums in the United States

Getty Images // Doug Pensinger
Getty Images // Doug Pensinger
loading... created a list where they ranked each sports stadium in the US based on fan surveys.

In the end, Coors Field ranked as the 7th best sports stadium in the entire country. It has an overall score of 4.67 out of 5.

Interestingly, the top 10 has seven baseball stadiums in there.

This proves my point that baseball has the best stadiums and nothing else truly compares. 

Taking first place isn’t a baseball stadium, though. Instead, it’s Lambeau Field, where the Green Bay Packers play. It makes sense, it’s quite possibly some of the most hallowed ground in American sports history.

What Makes Coors Field so Special?

David Damuth // Townsquare Media
David Damuth // Townsquare Media

Quite simply, there’s no other ballpark quite like it. Whether it’s the vibe of watching a game or the actual playing conditions, it’s an incredibly unique place.

First of all, there’s a lot of interesting elements to the stadium. For example, there’s a literal forest in centerfield. Nobody else is doing it like this.

When it actually comes to playing conditions, Coors Field might be the most unique in the sport.

Obviously, the altitude in Colorado means baseballs fly out of the stadium at insane rates. In fact, a baseball will go 9% farther in Coors Field than anywhere else in the country.

However, what makes it “The Most Exciting Park in Baseball History” is the fact that to compensate for this, the designers made the outfield as big as possible.

While this was originally meant to keep more balls in play, it also means there’s more space for action back there.

Truly the most important part is the fan experience. There’s not a bad seat in this place, and with a ton of awesome drinks and food, Coors Field offers one of the most complete sports experiences for fans in the entire country.

That is, of course, if the Rockies actually win.

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