"Holy smokes" is an expression I tend to use a lot since having kids, and never has an expression almost come to define the smoky deliciousness that comes out of a barbecue joint like this one.

Back in 2021, a man who definitely knows his way around a BBQ pit, Aaron Gonerway, opened what quickly became a very, very popular barbecue joint on Montview Blvd. in Aurora. After his wife encouraged him to sell ribs and other smoked meats out of their home during the pandemic, Gonerway applied for a won a grant from Kingsford Charcoal's "Preserve the Pit" program.

From Kingsford's website: "As a leader in barbecue for more than 100 years, Kingsford is committed to preserving the culture and history of Black barbecue in America and investing in its future. Kingsford’s Preserve the Pit aims to redirect the spotlight on the people and stories that have made barbecue what it is today, while also supporting barbecue entrepreneurs through an immersive fellowship."


That grant led to the creation of Plates By The Pound BBQ. They've only opened on Saturdays since it opened in 2021. And according to Gonerway, they've sold out every day they've opened aside from two days since.

Gonerway announced on Instagram that it will be time to move on when their current lease expires in May. Their last day serving will be May 27.

"My journey is never over just a start of a new chapter, sooo bitter sweet to announce our lease ends at the restaurant end of May making our last service May 27th! Our decision wasn’t based on us failing as business owners, wasn’t in over our heads," said Gonerway on Instagram.

"We’ve been so blessed these last two years to bring barbecue to you guys! You helped us sell out every Saturday except two times since we’ve been open. A lot of you guys are not just customers, but became friends and I’ll forever cherish those moments!!"

He plans on relocating to a farm in Texas to live the good life tending to animals with his family.

You've got a few more Saturdays to check out Plates By The Pound. And if you need any motivation to head to Aurora and have a taste? Well... Just. Look. At. These. Ribs.

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