In the past few weeks, Colorado has not had the clearest of skies: due to wildfires in California and Arizona as well as a couple of small blazes in our state, our AQI has been rated among some of the worst in the world.

Despite the fact that in the past week Colorado's air has cleared up a bit to the point where our current air quality index is ranking around 81 (which is 'moderate', according to IQ Air), we still need to be aware of how the atmosphere will affect us. More importantly...will a poor AQI affect our pets, too? Dumb Friends League in Colorado says yes. 

Thanks to a recent post from the non-profit, we now know it's important to check the air quality index before heading out to take our pups on a walk, as poor air quality affects our beloved friends' lungs as well.

In the post, the organization says that:

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has stated that air pollution from wildfires impacts pets just as badly as it impacts humans.

Dumb Friends League put together a three-step guide on how to decide if it's a good time to take your furry friends on a walk, or if you need to keep the pets at home and inside for the day. See the post right here:

Not too long ago, I decided to brave the smoke and go for a hike in Fort Collins anyway...and I felt sick for the rest of the day. Remember, air pollution is nothing to scoff at (I learned my lesson), and it's important to keep your pets in mind.

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