This is one of those stories that just breaks your heart. A Cheyenne man dying of esophageal cancer is seeking a loving home for his 4-year-old Beagle, Yola. 

'My name is Yola and I was rescued from Yuma Humane Shelter in January 2016 after my person's 14-year-old Lab had died. Now my person is dying and I need a home again,' the Craigslist post reads.

The post explains that Yola's person is in hospice following a stage IV esophageal cancer diagnosis. Yola is a Beagle Shepherd, who loves to sit in your lap, sleep with you, and wants you to be 'her whole life.'

And, she's damn cute.

Our thoughts are with Yola's person and his family at this time -- this truly breaks our hearts. If you think you could be the new loving home for Yola, read the post here.

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