While summer is winding down, we still have a little over a month until we officially turn the calendar to fall on September 21. One of the things that I fully intend on taking advantage of is something that up until now had no idea existed, the summer tubing hill in Granby at YMCA of the Rockies--Snow Mountain Ranch.

It's basically what you think it is, tubing without the snow. So instead of flying down the mountain with snow hitting you in the face, you just have a cool mountain breeze hitting you in the face thanks to a white turf kind of surface that simulates a snow surface.



If you are staying at Snow Mountain Ranch, the tubing hill is free. If you're a YMCA member, there will be a small fee and if you are wanting to ride as a guest, you'll just need to purchase a day pass that will get you access to other activities and amenities on the property as well.

Before you head up to the mountain, make sure you check the forecast because it's only open as long as weather cooperates and starting in September, the tubing hill will only be open on weekends before it closes for the season on October 1.

Then of course, they get ready for the snow to fly and then we can fly down the hill on actual snow so whatever you prefer, this looks like a pretty neat spot to hit.


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