The Holiday Twin Drive-In's triple-feature Halloween marathon returns this October, but you should be ready for more than just scary movies. 

I went to the Spook-a-Thon last year with Scruggs, and it was our first one (and first time going to the Holiday Twin when it wasn't summer).

It was a lot of fun, but we only made it through part of the first feature, The Shining — one of my Halloween favorites — because admittedly, we made some rookie mistakes.


DRESS WARMLY (and I mean really, really warmly) and bring a LOT of blankets because it's going to be cold. And, if you run your heater, you'll drain your car's battery. On that note, Scruggs' car battery died and we lost sound before 'Here's Johnny!' So, bringing a portable radio is actually a really good idea, even though the Holiday Twin staff is incredibly nice, and will come jump your car for you.

Needless to say, this year, we'll be Spook-a-Thon pros. It's happening on Friday, October 26, with a costume contest, special snacks, and more! $10 per car. Movies have yet to be announced but you can get all the info here.

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