When I was in high school there was a rumor that I was the weekend cliff diver at Casa Bonita, which I may or may not have started, probably because we all know that this job comes with local celebrity status. Or, it was because it's fun to make 'I work on Colfax' jokes.

Now, Denver's finest Mexican(?) dining establishment (also dubbed 'Caca Don't-Eat-Uh') is hiring for what is, hands down, its most famous position -- no, not the guy in the gorilla suit that chases terrified children through Black Bart's Pirate Cave (By the way, is he supposed to do that?) -- the Casa Bonita cliff diver! Do you have what it takes?

According to Denver's entertainment publication, Rooster, you just have to make a phone call and schedule an audition. What, you thought they'd just let anyone work at Casa Bonita? It was featured on South Park, after all.

The nation's most talked about casa in the history of bonitas is currently hiring dive entertainers. To schedule an appointment, one need only call (303) 232-5275 to schedule an audition. -  Rooster

Also, if you get hired, we do want to hear all about it (and tell us the sopapilla recipe while you're at it -- those are damn good).

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