Growing up, my mother always warned me not to go "crazy" with the cologne; that too much of it could clear a room. She didn't know how right she was, considering a can of malfunctioning Axe Body spray led to the evacuation of a Seattle church.

According to Jezebel, 911 was called when a bag was spotted in a bathroom with "cough inducing fumes" leaking from it.

The Seattle Fire Department evacuated the church as well as the daycare next door. They also blocked off the surrounding streets as they called in the hazmat team to investigate the situation. It was discovered that the "noxious" vapor was coming from a malfunctioning can of Axe that was continuously shooting out body deodorant.

The lesson here is not to wear Axe body spray. Not only will it cause you to lose the respect of the opposite sex, but it may even result in a call to Homeland Security.

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