Cheyenne police are reminding drivers to slow down and pay attention in school zones after a driver was caught on camera nearly hitting a group of students in a crosswalk.

Officer Kevin Malatesta says the incident, which was captured on a school bus camera in September, happened on E. Pershing Boulevard near Baggs Elementary School.

"Officers were able to determine -- probably through interviews, maybe through the video evidence as well -- that the driver was using a cell phone," said Malatesta. "As you can see in the video, there was a careless driving component as well."

Malatesta says the driver was recently ticketed for the violations and would have also received a $400 citation had the bus been stopped with its red lights flashing.

"Fortunately nobody was injured," said Malatesta. "I hope that (the video) does surprise people a little bit and gets them to think and slow down."

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